Friday, 7 July 2017

Dragonflies K6

Gretchen's lesson with 5 year olds.

The backgrounds are crayon rubbings. I encouraged overlapping of colours and patterns. The children traded the pattern board they were given, when they wanted a change. They enjoyed this exchanged and were very polite.  

 The dragonflies were drawn first as an observational drawing from photos. Then they made a large dragonfly using vivid markers. I asked them to make their drawing touch all sides of the page is they could.

They cut out the dragonfly, leaving a little paper all the way around so every line is retained. 

The children worked with a buddy to made a giant dragonfly. They began by making a pair of wings each, followed by the body and head. As it was the last day of term, I didn't give too many instructions. They were tired and ready for their holiday. The giant dragonflies were very effective on display.

Ready to hang in the corridor

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