Thursday, 8 June 2017

Te Ra (The Sun) Matai

Gretchen's lesson with 6 year olds

The children have had exposure to Maori design in their class, especially the koru. I built on their knowledge and used the koru to enhance an illustration of the sun, which is present in several Maori Myths. I read the story, "Maui Slows the Sun". We examined the illustrations in the storybook by Peter Gossage. He uses koru and warm colours in his illustrations.

 The children made 3 pieces of art, based around Te Ra (the sun). The first is made using pencils and coloured pencils. The second, which we will use as calendar art, is made using black vivid markers and concentrated dye applied with cotton buds.

The final art activity today was to make Te Ra using ink and sticks. This medium is difficult to manage. The children did a great job.

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