Thursday, 15 June 2017

Marsden Collegiate Treat

Invitation to participate at Marsten Collegiate.

An invitation came to our school, offering 4 year six children the opportunity to work with Samuel Marsden Collegiate's artist in residence, Rebecca Holden. Marsden is a private school for girls from year 1 to year 13.

This was a very generous opportunity too good to miss. We selected our 4 participants and spent the morning at Marsden today. Several other schools participated.

We arrived a little late so sadly missed most of Rebecca's introduction which was about her own art.

Rebecca Holden motivated the children by telling the Grimm brothers story of "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids". The children formed groups of three and began by experimenting with oil pastels, charcoal and chalk pastel on a painted sheet of brown paper.



The groups were given a section of the story each to illustrate. This was challenging in many ways. The children didn't know one another, therefore discussing their ideas was scary for some. The subjects, wolves and kids, are not the easiest to draw...they can end up looking like rabbits and dogs all too easily. Their efforts are very interesting. 
You may be able understand the tale by looking at the illustrations.

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