Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Koru Exploration K5

Gretchen's lesson with 5 year olds.

Filling the page with koru
Colouring a solid koru

Our day was filled with making koru in a variety of ways.
We talked about where the idea of koru comes from by showing the children images of ponga trees and the unfolding spiral leaves.
We had a discussion about where the koru comes from and why it is important in Maori art.
They filled a page with as many different koru shapes as they could.
Making rubbings of a cut out koru

Making a collage koru.
Making repeating koru

Making Te Ra rising.

 Finally, the children made an image of Te Ra after I read the story of 'How Maui slowed the Sun'. They used markers and water colour paint. We talked about hot and cold colours and the possibility of adding koru to their work.

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