Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Complementary colours calendar art with Dianne's GG

Carrie's lesson 7-8yr olds

After our observational drawing to start the day I introduced colour wheels. Many of the children had prior knowledge and remembered doing colour wheels when they were younger. After painting the primary colours, they then had to mix their own secondary colours from these, and paint them in the right place on the wheel.

Every year the children make art that can be used on school fundraising calendars, notecards and diaries.

For their calendar art backgrounds, they were asked to divide their paper into six sections and use the primary and secondary colours to fill each section. They then had to use their colour wheel to find the complementary colour (opposite on the wheel) and draw a repeat pattern over the top with oil pastel.

Those that had time, made a bubble written name to go with their wheel, coloured using the
primary and secondary colours.

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