Monday, 26 June 2017

Birds and flowers K2

Gretchen's lesson with New Entrants.


I talked to the children about mixing the colours they wanted. I gave them only primary colours and black and white. They had a palette each, to mix their paint on.

 Their ideas were enhanced by viewing existing birdhouses.

 Flowers in a vase

This is a group project, using magazines, scissors and glue. It was a relaxing task after the painting.


The children cut out a circle (around a lid) and folded it in half. That was the basis for the bird. From here, it was anything goes. The tail feathers were curled on the side of the scissors.

Shared Flowers

Another class joined us before lunch. Each child put a lid in the centre of their page and drew around it. We looked at the types of flowers that were in the vase made earlier. The children drew petals of their choice. They coloured them in oil pastel. I was surprised at how calmly they took the next step...fold and cut it into quarters. Trade three with others to make a new flower.

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