Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Bird masks and other props. R9

Gretchen's lesson with 8 year olds

The children are part of a Kapa Haka performance next term. We are creating props for the show. We have made backdrops of Papatuanuku, Rangi and the sun.

We have made stars and clouds.

Today we made bird masks, insects and giant flowers.

The children had a very brief introduction into how they could create a bird mask. I was keen for the masks to be individual. I provided a strip of card, long enough to go around their heads and a little piece of orange or yellow card for a beak.

They made their own feathers to cover the card. They were very creative when making feathers and were very proud of their achievements.

They went on to make an insect for their bird to eat. They used markers and water colour paint. We attached them to a little stick which made them stronger and gave them a handle.

Finally, which didn't get completed, were giant flowers. They worked in groups to design flowers. They coloured them with the materials they chose...pastels, paint, crayons etc.

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