Thursday, 11 May 2017

Painting Driftwood. Amy's GG.

Gretchen's lesson with 6 year olds

 This part of the day always amuses me. Putting on the paint shirts. There is always one who has it on upside down. They helped each other well, doing up those tricky buttons.

I collected some large pieces of driftwood and put one on each large table. I supplied white paint and asked the children to cover the wood completely. The white provided an even coloured surface to work on.

Then each table got two primary colours and a pallet to mix them on. They were off, not concerned about the wet paint they were working on or that they were sharing the task. I was impressed with their concentration and obvious enjoyment of the task.  These could be embellished with feathers or sequins etc. at a later date. Or they could be a support for hanging art. 

The rest of the day was about creating bags from card, hole punchers and thread. I gave the children a few ideas of how they could punch holes and thread their bag together through the holes. Other than that, it was about their exploration, trial and error.

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