Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Colour theory and Matisse with Maria's GG

Carrie's lesson 5 yr olds

Im working with the theme of Colour this term, so starting with colour wheels and basic colour mixing seemed like a good starting point. We started the day with some observational drawing of shells, thinking about the overall shape, then adding detail.

 Next we talked about primary colours and where these would go on their colour wheel, leaving space for the secondary colours.

After a demonstration of colour mixing, the children had to make their own secondary colours from the primaries, and fill in the gaps correctly. Most did this successfully with little help.

The second part of the project, was to use primary and secondary colours to decorate their name.

After morning tea, I read "Henri's Scissors" by Jeanette winter which is a wonderful introduction into the life and work of Henri Matisse. The children were then given coloured paper to make their own cut out shapes to decorate the border of their art. Ka Pai!

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