Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Clay bells and coil birds M13

Gretchen's Lesson.

Day one of 'clay bell' making.

8 year olds
I went over a few tips to help their clay exploration be successful.
  • wrap any clay they are not using, so it wont dry out.
  • pat a damp sponge to keep their hands cool.
  • join clay pieces by scratching the surfaces to resemble velcro.

The little bells are made by making a cup shape upside down. Adding a handle and making a little ball with a hole in it to hang in the centre. See here to view a lesson  I took a few years ago. Also view here to see the results after the bells were fired and put together.

Clay making was completed by 11am. We moved on to constructing birds using strips of coloured card, PVA, and thread.
I began by trying to teach the class how to tie a slip knot. That's not an easy task. A few children managed it. This was needed to hang the two birds they were asked to make.
The birds were made by rolling strips of card to form the various parts of the bird. I asked the children use PVA, as sellotape is not really a good look. So to help with the setting of the glue, I gave the children pegs to hold their coils in place.
The children managed to balance their two birds on a little bamboo stick, very well.

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