Saturday, 15 April 2017

Matisse inspired art by Jacqui's GG

Carrie's lesson 9-10 yr olds

We had a Matisse inspired day for the last day of term (Thursday). After reading 'Matisse The King of Colour' by Laurence Anholt, we used sticky back plastic to cut out and decorate a frame, thinking about the shapes Matisse used in his later works.

The work inside the frame was a dream or good memory the children remembered, and were encouraged to have a go with traditional pen and ink. This was to create contrast to the big bold colourful frames they had made. They all experimented with this but some chose a different medium for their final drawing.

For the students that had time, they went on to make a faux stained glass window using their own design, tissue paper and black paper. They were really inventive and responded well to few boundaries with this work.

My computer is refusing to let me post these images the right way! Sorry.

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