Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Surreal Rooms Hannah's GG

Carrie's lesson 8-10 yr olds

We had a delayed start to the day with PAT testing, so decided not to start with observational drawing on this occasion. We looked at the art of Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali to start our project on Surrealism, focussing on how these artists played with scale and incorporated humour. This inspired many of the children to be quirky and playful with their image today.

The first drawing was of a room using 1 point perspective. We then started to introduce features such as windows and furniture, still using 1 point perspective. This was really tricky for some but all managed at least one feature. Watercolours were used to paint the rooms and they were encouraged to use different colours for walls and ceiling to emphasise the perspective.

The last stage of the project was to select random images from magazines, arrange and stick these into their room to create a surreal image. I was very impressed with their creations as I know some adults who find perspective a challenge!

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