Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Huhu Beetles K6

 Gretchen's lesson with 5 year olds.

Observational drawing from a huhu beetle photo

The children drew the huhu beetle twice, once with pencil, then larger with black crayon. I think the repetition helps them remember the shapes and details. 
They cut symmetrical wings, a body and a head from wallpaper. They stuck these to their page and added all the huhu beetle details using vivid markers.

 I have a donated supply of brightly coloured vinyl adhesive. I gave the children a piece each. They drew the huhu beetle shapes on the back and cut them out as before. They stuck them to a coloured page of their choosing.  They added details with vivids.

 The final art creation was a huhu beetle out of clay. I only talked about joining two clay pieces together. I have found in the past that the children need to experience clay before I can bombard them with skills about clay use.
I gave them little sticks to use for legs etc, if they wanted them.

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