Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Hu-hu Beetles K8

 Gretchen's Lesson with 5 year olds (NE)

This was the first day these 5 year olds have had in the art room. There were only 8 of them. And unusually, all girls.
We started the day looking at hu-hu beetles and discussing them. I was surprised to find out that they only live for 2 weeks. As a hu-hu grub they consume rotten wood, but once they are an adult beetle, they don't eat.
The girls drew the hu-hu beetles with pencils.
Observational drawings.

Next they painted a page with colours they liked and mixed themselves. I gave them palettes and showed them how to use the spoons to ladle the paint onto them. We didn't use water. We put theses aside until the afternoon, so they would dry.

Painting a page completely.
They drew and cut out the components of a hu-hu beetle on the back of printed paper. They assembled them on a page and added details using vivid marker.

The drew the hu-hu beetle with Indian ink and kebab sticks after they had drawn them with black crayon. They knew the components that make up a hu-hu beetle quite well by now.

And finally, they cut out components that made up the hu-hu beetle, using their painted page. They assembled them in a yellow page. I forgot to photo these results sorry.

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