Thursday, 2 March 2017

Dolphins (Ximena's GG)

Gretchen's lesson
6 year olds

We had a discussion about dolphins. The children knew several interesting facts already. I didn't delve too deeply into how endangered Maui's dolphin is, which was my intention. I decided to keep the day moving with a lot of hands on work. So looking through books about dolphins and noting how different they are to sharks and whales was the direction the day took.
Mounting observational drawings.

The children drew several dolphins on practice paper, using black crayon. This was to keep their work bold. They then drew one dolphin on card and collaged it using magazines. This was cut out once it had dried enough not to tear. 

On a separate page, the children used wax crayons initially, to create a sea and sky painting. The wax crayon offered detail and contrast to the paint that was applied second. We talked about horizons and how to make different colours for the sky and sea.

Those children who wanted to, made a little cut in the page to slot the tail of their dolphin into, so it appears to be jumping out of the water.

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