Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Bugs Bugs Bugs Deanne's GG

Carrie's lesson 7-9 yr olds

Only half an art day today, but the children were still keen to have work on the blog. The class had been to visit the Bug Lab at Te Papa previously, and were very keen to tell me what they had learnt. Camouflage, use of patterns and markings and how bees can kill a hornet wasp were all talked about.

We started the day with some observational drawings of various insects, paying attention to the small details on wings, feet etc

Next we prepared a oil pastel pattern to use for scraffito, using bright colours and bold patterns

When every scrap of white card was covered, the children painted over the oil pastel with black acrylic paint, making sure their name was already on the back (not something you want to forget with this project!) These were left to dry over the lunchbreak.

The final step was to scratch away two or three bugs, using the pictures provided, and introduce an environment they could be in.

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