Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Wasps R9

Gretchen's lesson

I began a discussion about wasps. their habits, positive and negative. Wasps have been introduced to NZ and cause problems. They kill native insects, can sting multiple times, are aggressive and are growing in numbers as they have no enemies. My goal was to teach the children the visual and behavioural differences between wasps and honey bees.

I gave the children photos of honey bees and they made an observational drawing of them. We had a break as we had a reading session to attend.
Once back in the art room, I gave children photos of wasps and asked them to make an observational drawing of them. We discussed the visual differences.
They have different patterning, bees are fat and wasps are thin, bees are hairy and wasps are relatively smooth.
They presented the two drawings with written differences .

 The children used crayons to make a larger image of a wasp. They cut them out and stuck them onto one of two large wasp hives that a few early finishers had prepared.
They wrote accompanying text. "How do you feel about wasps, or what facts do you recall about wasps?"

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