Thursday, 23 February 2017

Protect our native birds. Racheal L GG

Carrie's lesson 7-9yr olds

We started the day talking about predators in New Zealand and the children quickly identified cats as being one. They came up with so many ideas to control cats such as locking them up and putting them on a lead but eventually decided that keeping cats in at night and wearing a bell on their collar could be as effective.

The artwork started with Laurel Burch inspired drawings of cats, where the children used a combination of wax crayon and watercolours. They prepared backgrounds with a small sponge and water colour paints, thinking about an environment their cat and bird might be in.

I read the book Fifty-five Feathers by Ben Brown and Helen Taylor that introduces many native birds, and the children chose one or two birds to draw and include in their art. These were cut out along with the cats and arranged on the background.

For some reason, these images did not want to rotate for me tonight!!

We had a session of observational drawing, looking at the weed
Wandering Willy. We talked about how it spreads easily and takes
over areas of undergrowth.

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