Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Protect our native birds Lizzie's GG

Carrie's lesson 7-9yr olds

This was a repeat of the lesson I did with Rachael's class where we started the day talking about predators in New Zealand. The class identified cats on the long list of predators and then brainstormed ideas for keeping our native birds safe, such as keeping them in at night and wearing a bell on their collar.

We then looked at art by Lauren Burch, focussing on the simplified shapes of cats and bold use of pattern and colour. The children drew their own cats in pencil, used wax crayon to make the lines bold and then painted with watercolour.

The backgrounds were painted with much larger brushes, and had to be an environment fit for a cat and bird. We ended the day drawing native birds and these were cut out, arranged and stuck onto the backgrounds. Some of the children added a collar to their cat to finish.

 The children were very focussed on completing their work and did some excellent drawing throughout the day. There are some examples of their observations below, when they were asked to study the weed 'wandering willy' which has become a problem weed in New Zealand.

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