Thursday, 23 February 2017

Kereru R8

Gretchen's lesson
6 and 7 year olds

I showed the children a short you tube about injured kereru.      meet-the-locals/
We had a discussion about how they get injured... cats, stoats, rats and flying into windows.

I read the picture book, "Kiri the Kereru" about a kereru getting groggy on berries and being stalked by cats.

The children drew a kereru using photographs as a guide.

They drew them again using pen and layered coloured pencils.

Don Binney's art is well recognised in New Zealand. He was passionate about our environment and interested in ornithology.
I showed the children several of his paintings and we discussed the balance between the sky, land and birds.

 The children created their own landscapes and added their kereru to the sky.

In order to help the kereru, the children made images to stick on the window to deter the birds.
I found the idea here although had trouble making them stick on the glass.

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