Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Giving the birds a chance. K6

 Gretchen's lesson.
5 year olds.
Cat with a bell on a fence at night.

 Observational drawing warm ups.
Dye over the wax crayon cats
Dye over a crumpled background.

I read the children a story about a cat and started a conversation about cats at night. The children talked about their own cats or grandparents cats. I tried to get them to work out how we can stop cats from catching our native birds. Their ideas included letting their cat live in a cage, locking the cat door and keeping them inside during the night. But someone decided cats might catch birds during the day too.

I introduced the idea of putting a bell around their necks. This would give the birds prior warning and a chance to fly away.

 Look closely and you will see the little bell the children made out of foil.

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