Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Giant Weta V1

 Gretchen's Lesson

The children were shown a You Tube of a cat vs a weta. 

This was the beginning of our discussion about weta, their habitat, predators, ears, noses, their ability to bite, diet and appearance. 
I posed the question "Why should we get rid of cats and rats, to save giant weta?' 

The children drew a weta, with as much detail as they could. They used photos for reference. They went on to make a cardboard relief of the weta, then a crayon rubbing.

They added more detail if their rubbing was lacking.

They covered the relief with foil and rubbed Indian ink into the foil, highlighting the relief.

I put a list of suggestions on the board for them to consider, when they presented their work. 

Points of interest worth emphasising.  
Straight lines, 
Careful glue application, 
Appropriate text, 

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