Friday, 2 December 2016

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest R8

 Gretchen's Lesson.
6 and 7 year olds

We have been given an invitation to enter this Dream Car contest. There are iPads as prizes. That was enough to motivate the children.

We began by taking a walk to the teacher car park and making observational drawings of car wheels. 
Back in the classroom, I read the children a story about a little boy who was given a peddle car. 
We talked about what a dream car could have. I only contributed a few ideas, one being the recent invention of driverless cars. This was adopted by many of our budding inventors. 

I took a photo of each child, incase they wanted to include this in their art.

Grida has chosen the driverless option.

Eshita likes the more controlled option.

The children have come up with some great ideas. The day ended before many had managed to complete their work, so I have asked their classroom teachers (they have two) to give them a little bit more finishing time.
I have photographed all their pictures, so they will have a record once the art goes to Toyota.

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