Monday, 21 November 2016

Tree weaving V6

Carrie's lesson 8-10 yr olds
I wasn't sure how today would go, but the children did a wonderful job weaving and helping each other out. We started the day doing tonal scales in pencil and cross- hatching with led nicely into preparing their plate backgrounds with a simple landscape, where foreground was the darkest tone and lightest at the back (I would definitely limit the palette next time as I think it confused some)

Two cuts were made to the bottom of the plate and eight cuts to the top. I gave clear instructions on how to create the tree frame that they would be weaving on, by drawing a number sequence on the board. When this was complete, they had a range of coloured wool to choose from to complete their weaving. I would use bigger plates next time as the paintings tended to get lost behind the trees.

We finished the day with some origami snapper animals, which the children really enjoyed

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