Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Shape day R9

Carrie's lesson 5yr olds

What a busy, productive day with the new entrant class today!
We started with some observational drawings of shells, looking closly at the shape, then adding detail. Then we went on to write names for a door plaque with bubble writing.

After morning tea, I gave the children a variety of cardboard rectangles, squares and triangles to create an image. The class had some great ideas from buildings, windmills through to fish and robots.
They stuck the shapes with glue and these were left to dry for rubbings later in the day.

Our next project was to draw a series of overlapping circles of different sizes. I talked about primary colours and a few knew these already. They were encouraged to paint different sections of their design in the three primary colours, thinking of their paintbrush as a ballerina on her tippytoes.

To finish the day the class took two rubbings off their cardboard
pictures, cut them out and glued them onto a black background.
A Great effort today R9, Ka Pai

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