Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Printed Cityscape Reflections V5

Carrie's lesson 9-11yr olds

I had seen a project similar to this online and
decided to try it out with my class today.

We started the day by looking at the work of Hundertwasser, in particular his architecture and use of colour. The class were asked to create their own A6 cityscape which needed to be symmetrical. Next they traced and transferred the design alongside the first and when complete, painted with bright watercolours. The bottom half of the design needed to have a water effect, so I demonstrated washes and bleeding colours to represent the reflections.
The traced image was used again to get the detail onto a polystyrene print block, The blocks were printed over their paintings and reversed for the reflection (I didnt get them to re-ink for the reflection prints and this worked well)


  1. AMAZING IDEA with the reflection

  2. Thanks, I had seen something similar online that I used as a starting point. The children loved it!



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