Thursday, 24 November 2016

Patterned Ukelele K7

Gretchen's lesson.
Maths and Art Collide.
5 year olds, and Lorna who turned 6 today.

The children made an observational drawing of a ukelele. They drew it again on an A3 piece of paper, using black crayon.

They added colour with wax crayons, covering the paper as thoroughly as they could. 

They sorted this bib tying line up themselves. Smart crew!

They put on the paint shirts and bibs is such an organised way. I was very impressed. Then they put acrylic paint over the crayon. I asked them to put a contrasting colour over the crayon. For example blue over yellow.
They made pen and coloured pencil drawings of people playing ukelele while they waited for the paint to dry.

After a discussion about what a pattern is, they etched patterns into the paint, exposing the wax crayon colour underneath. They cut out their ukelele leaving a tiny white border so they will stand out on the black paper.

Before etching

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