Monday, 7 November 2016

Painted Pillows M10

Gretchen's Lesson
7-8 year olds


The class teacher has requested a lesson using fabric. 
I have designed a lesson to cover two days. 
The final outcome will be painted pillows with a pocket for a book and a handle. 

The idea is to carry the pillow to a comfy spot, take out the book to read while snuggling into the pillow.

The children's first task was to design an image that illustrated one of their favourite stories. They drew it onto a piece of fabric with either black crayon, black vivid marker or indian ink applied with kebab sticks. 

The coloured dye was added using fine brushes. 

A practice piece was used to try out the materials on.

The children threaded needles and stitched down the top of the pocket they had painted. 
That was all we had time for, being day one of our two day effort.

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