Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Our class K8

Gretchen's lesson.
5-6 year olds
Art and Maths Collide.

The children made an observational drawing of their face. I provided them with a little mirror. 
I collected them and copied them, giving each child a page with everyones portrait on it.

I introduced the concept of symmetry. A few of the children could explain what symmetry was. We came up with a selection of things that were symmetrical.

I gave them photos of beetles and dragonflies to draw half of, on the fold of a page. They traced through the other half, using the window as a "light box".

Several children found this difficult. But a few tries later, they all had a symmetrical beetle.

 The children coloured the drawing in a symmetrical way, then cut it out. 

 They glued their symmetry drawing, surrounded by their classmates portraits, onto an A3 coloured page.

I suggested that is would be an interesting piece of art to look back on when they were 21, as their class mates are all part of their art. That fell on deaf ears. I think 21 is like 121 to them.


  1. Thank you Gretchen! Lol I love the bit about 21 being like 121 to them... although still not as ancient as their parents! Flo enjoyed this session, as always :) Liz

  2. Yes, that ancient feeling came to me when recently a child called me Nana instead of Gretchen, then quickly correcting herself. :(



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