Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Island bay Construction V1 and V2

Carrie's lesson 9-11 yr olds

What an amazing day Alice and I had with Mel and Jarryd's classes today, constructing iconic Island Bay buildings. This was to be incorporated into the school fair 'running of the balls' fundraiser, where a thousand numbered balls are released and the first three balls to make it to the finish line win prizes.

The two classes started the day with a brainstorm on the whiteboard, of all the buildings they could think of around Island Bay. After getting into groups of 2-4 people, buildings were chosen to work on. Devices were used to find images and google earth was used by many groups.
The classes had a wide range of resources to choose from (that I had been collecting for a while) and had access to glue guns and tape. 

Google earth view of the scout hut

After the construction phase, painting stations were set up and the class were encouraged to think about their approach with painting, leaving details until last.

The Lighthouse under construction

                                                                                       Francis de Sales under construction

Butchers, Nice Blocks and Patricia's Pie's

Library and Brew'd

New World

Chappies Dairy
Erskine College
The Bait House
A Great days work, well done to everyone involved. 
Please come and see them all at the fair this Saturday (5th Nov).

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