Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Symmetry Beetles R7

Gretchen's lesson
"Maths and Art Collide"
6-7 year olds

After making observational drawings of beetles, the children drew half the beetle on half the page with black crayon. The folded the page over and pressed the page with the back of a spoon. This created the opposite side of the beetle.

The children darkened the lines and painted their beetle with fine brushes and water colour paint.

 The children cut a shape out of a yellow page, flipped the cutout and glued it to a background. That sounds wasn't. We had, rotation, sliding, lost pieces and way too much glue. Baby steps next time.

 Finally today the children worked in groups to create a geometric image.
They chose a shape, circles were popular, then filled the page with the shape and joined each shape to its neighbours. The shapes were painted either hot or cold colours and the negative spaces, the opposite.

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