Thursday, 13 October 2016

Maths and art collide; geometry K8

Gretchen's lesson.

5/6 year olds

The children gave me great descriptions of circles.
"They don't have corners. They are a bit like an oval but they're not oval. They don't have sides."

They painted the bumpy wallpaper rectangles with water colour paint. It created an interesting affect as the paper was vinyl. We put these to one side to dry as the children cut out 15 circles, of three different sizes.

They assembled the flower heads and stuck them to their backgrounds. They added pattern and stalks with markers and pens.

Wallpaper squares to cut into circles.

The second lesson was creating patterns in circles. They cut them into quarters. They traded three of their quarters with other children. They reassembled their  circle.

Trading quarters.


  1. This is fantastic art! I loved the photos! I can't wait to come and see all of the art next week! You are so clever K8!



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