Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Geometric Prints and Rubbings K5

 Carrie's lesson 6-7yr olds
 'Art and Maths Collide'
I reached the end of a wonderful day with K5 and realised I hadn't taken one picture! So no action shots today sorry.

 After some observational drawing to start the day, I provided the children with precut card triangles, squares and rectangles to construct an image or pattern that could be used to make crayon rubbings. These were put aside to dry and used later in the day.

After break I demonstrated the printmaking process using polystyrene blocks and encouraged the children to design a pattern or image made from geometric shapes. Some had clear ideas of what image they would like, but needed help translating this into simple shapes. (Christmas tree was one we talked about)

After lunch the children used their cardboard cutouts to create 3 or 4 different coloured rubbings of their design. They 'bubble' cut around their rubbings, arranged and glued them to the background paper. They worked well to help each other and listened carefully to instructions. Ka Pai K5!

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