Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Equilateral Triangle Art M12

Carrie's lesson 7-8yr olds 'Maths and Art collide'

I started today with the question 'What is an equilateral triangle?'
A few knew the sides were the same length and we talked about the angles at each corner being the same too. Their project today started by drawing around a card triangle to create a repeat pattern.
We talked about the primary colours and I asked them to choose two for their design. I encouraged them to mix a range of colours between the two primaries, and most did this with great success.

After painting, most went on to draw patterns in each triangle with either pencil or biro.

We started the day with observational drawing with a focus on cropping the image.
About half the class grasped the concept, seen in these interesting compositions.
(Computer would not let me rotate this image the right way!)

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