Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Maths and art collide; Circles K2 & K3

Gretchen's lesson.
New Entrants, 5 year olds.

Carrie and I have decided to focus our art lessons around maths this term. 
Maths and art collide. 
This will include symmetry, geometry, tessellations, grid enlarging, perspective, parabolic curves, all depending on the class ability.

It seems wrong to post about an art lesson without images. Sorry. I thought I had put them in dropbox before I left school this afternoon, but it obviously didn't work.

I had only met three of the children in the class, previously. The class had 22 children, all new to school. I introduced the children to the room, followed by an observational drawing session. Some children needed redirection to draw for more than a few moments. Others kept drawing what they saw in their shell, until I asked them all to make a bubble cut around the drawing and to glue it onto coloured paper for presentation.

I gave the children a collection of lids and a pile of coloured wallpaper. I asked them to make 5 large circles, 5 middle sized circles and 5 small circles.

They glued them together making 5 flower heads. These were put on a page and the children drew stalks and leaves using markers. They had crayons at hand for background extras.

 They will look a little like this.

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