Tuesday, 25 October 2016

3D Names M13

 Gretchen's lesson.
'Art and Maths collide'.

I introduced the language the children needed today; parallel, vertical, horizontal, perspective, vanishing point, three dimensional.
I found an easy to watch You Tube on how to make the letters of names look 3D.
It has catchy music rather than a grating voice. I played it a couple of times, although most children needed to view it only once. The children worked freehand on their letters. This allowed them to be less fussy about their work.
I gave them rulers to join the corners to the vanishing point.

Our warm-up observational drawings.

We had an interrupted day. Some of the children were out of the art room for an hour and a half. They had just enough time to complete their 3D name but the others had time to make what we called intestines. 

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