Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Enlarging. V5

Gretchen's lesson.
9, 10, 11 year olds

I was apprehensive about this lesson. I haven't tried to teach this way enlarging an image, manually.
In my experience, the children don't have a good grasp of using rulers effectively. So I took the lesson slowly, not expecting too much.

This approach helped a lot of the children.
My motivation. Matt Tan's work from Titahi Bay School.

I gave the children a section of an adult colouring book image. I asked them to rule up a 2cm grid over it. Then on a separate piece of paper, a 4 cm grid. The problems occurred when the children didn't rule a straight line from  a 4cm mark to the next. The other slip up was when they didn't begin at the edge of the paper.

With these issues sorted during the practice, the real piece went quite smoothly.

The children decided on broad colour themes for each image. The chameleon was all colours but a green background, the octopus was hot colours with a cold surround, the beetle was cold with a hot surround.

 If I took this lesson again, I think I would get the children to draw the image with marker pen, then water colour paint.

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