Thursday, 1 September 2016

Budgies K7

Gretchen's lesson

5 year olds

The children made birdcages in several steps. Step one was to draw a budgie. We used photos as reference. The children used coloured pencils to complete these observations. 

Step two was to make an interesting but not too distracting background. The children made rubbings, using little plastic rubbing boards. They "traded" their board with others, for variety. They put red or yellow dye over the backgrounds.

They cut their little birds out and stuck them onto their backgrounds.
I gave them a piece of perspex which they lay over the bird. After practicing a variety of bird cage shapes, they drew their favourite onto the perspex, encompassing the bird.

In the afternoon the children drew a garden full of things that a bird would like. They discussed bird houses, bird baths, colourful flowers etc prior to drawing.

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