Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Aboriginal bark painting. M11

Gretchen's lesson.  7 year olds

We had a discussion about the art of the aborigine people, discussing where they got their paint from, what colours they would have and what they would have painted on. Hence the bark.

The children began by drawing reptiles. They used their drawings to make sketches on the painted bark I had prepared earlier.
They used vivid markers to add black dots and sticks and paint to add coloured dots.

They had images of Aboriginal bark paintings to look at.

The second piece of art was a sgraffito image of their reptile.
They prepared their page by putting on 5 layers of wax crayons
moving from lightest to darkest. Finally covering it with black

It was a good way to ensure the paper was covered in a good layer of wax.

I encouraged scratching off about 50% of the paint. This idea wasn't taken up by many. Those that did, produced a clearer image.

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