Thursday, 22 September 2016

Parabolic curves M13

 Gretchen's lesson
8 year olds

Parabolic curves require very little introduction for the children. They were aware of them and motivated to make their own. I introduced a simple right angled parabolic curve. We went through the steps to make one, slowly. They moved on to make another with ease.

 We followed up with a circular parabolic curve. Most of the children grasped the variation easily.

The children practiced the shapes they liked best. Then I asked them to make a piece of art, using the curves. They used pencils and coloured pencils, keeping patterns in mind when they added colour.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Sister Corita Kent workshop City Gallery V1

 Carrie's lesson 9-11yr olds
Gretchen and I organised a visit to Wellington City Gallery today to see the Sister Corita Kent's Summer of Love exhibition. 
After a wonderful tour of the gallery with engaging activities, we took part in a screen printing workshop where each child had the opportunity to create a screen printed artwork, inspired by the work seen in the gallery.

The artwork created by the children was inspired by
 Sister Corita's alphabet series

Screen printing is not easy to do with a class of 30, so it was great to
have this opportunity at the workshop to explore the process.

Sister Corita's Summer of Love V2

Gretchen's lesson.
9 and 10 year olds

Sister Corita's Summer of Love Exhibition.
Wellington City Gallery

Carrie and I took two classes to the Wellington City Art Gallery today to see Sister Corita's exhibition. 
It was a very stressful build up to the day. We were short of parent helpers, permission forms and payments. We were rushing about at the last minute trying to ensure we had EOTC forms completed, medical needs catered for, the bus booked. 
This was on top of the classes being other teachers classes. 

Not a lot of this could be avoided.  It's just the way it is when children are taken off site. 

All that aside, it was a successful day. Our skeleton support crew were wonderful parents. The teachers at the gallery were well organised and made the day run smoothly, offering very interesting sessions for the children.

The children were taken around the gallery, introduced to font differences, display ideas and given a few challenges that made them focus a little closer.

In the art room each child made a letter of the alphabet using collage and screen printing in a very efficient and supported way.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Some Birds M12

Carrie's lesson 7-8 yr olds

Just a short artday as the class had swimming today. I started by reading 'Some Birds' by Matt Spink, which has bold, colourful illustrations of fantasy birds. I had used a few of these birds to create an outline for the class to use as a starting point. Their mission was to create a new bird using patterns, bright colours and tonal variations. Many didn't have enough time to complete backgrounds, but they seemed very pleased with what they did achieve.

As usual, we started the day with observational drawing. I was very impressed with their attention to detail and shape, in particular, the blades overlapping. Ka Pai M12!

Technical drawing M14

Gretchen's Lesson
8 year olds

Parabolic curves.

We went to the swimming pool today so the time in the art room was very short.

We made circles with straight lines.

I demonstrated how to use a ruler accurately. This may sound a bit simple, but it was new to several of the class and crucial for what we attempted.
The children ruled up lines and marks to make their arcs. They also made a circular image.

With this practice under their belts, I will carry on next art day with stitching similar images.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Tree houses K4

Gretchen's lesson
5 year olds

The tree house was our focus today. We made the art in stages, beginning with the background. We went outside to see what was between the hills and the sky. Nothing!!

Observational drawing to start the day.

Painting the background in water colour paint.

Adding the tree, trunk first.

Adding branches to support the house.

Adding details to the background.

Adding the house and a ladder


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