Monday, 15 August 2016

Treasure Maps M12

Gretchen's Lesson
Matilda designed a little holder for her page of directions.

The children designed their own treasure maps today. I had examples of old maps to discuss. They had plenty of ideas of their own. They practiced possibilities for sometime, sharing their ideas.

 I asked them to rough up the paper by scrunching it and rubbing charcoal into it. One child suggested  soaking the paper in tea as she had done this with her dad. We didn't have enough drying time so had to abandon that cool idea.
Then the fun part. They all had a chance to burn the edges of their map paper. 
We didn't burn the classroom down. Nowhere near it, but we did smell of smoke. I had a candle, a sink of water and damp cloths as safety measures. 
I controlled quite a lot of this process through necessity. 

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