Monday, 1 August 2016

Pirate Ships M14

Gretchen's lesson

8 year olds

For the next six weeks Carrie and I will be taking art lessons that produce art that can be used on calendars. It is a fundraiser that our school has been involved in for several years. There are a few restrictions for the art. It needs to be about 19cm X 30cm. We can make larger pieces but then they would need to be photographed. When we are dealing with 450 children, that is an addition we don't need.

Today the children made schooners that pirates sailed in. I told the children about Calico Jack and the females on his crew, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Also about the Jolly Roger he designed. 

The children made a large schooner, cut it into 4,  painted one section each, then joined it back together.

The jolly roger.
The children made sketches of schooners using photographs. They chose coloured pastel paper and used black crayon to draw their schooner. I gave them coloured chalk to colour their boats. The chalk doesn't cover the wax crayon lines, which keeps the work crisp.

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