Thursday, 4 August 2016

Goldfish K2

Gretchen's lesson
5 year olds.

There are three children in the New Entrant class. Taking an art day with three children is quite a challenge. I remember teaching NE's years ago, beginning with 6 children, a teacher aide and a daily parent help. Our work was often done by 10.30am.
With that experience in mind, I made sure I had more planned than normal. I was also prepared to have a few extra breaks during the day.

Observational drawings of feathers.

I chose goldfish as a subject to base the days art around. I had a few books about goldfish to read.
The children began by drawing their goldfish in pencils, using photographs as a reference.

They repeated the drawing in black crayon, which they painted using watercolour paint.

Water colour goldfish.

The children also painted the goldfish with acrylic paint. I gave them the primary colours plus black and white. They mixed their own colours on a palette.

They cut out an orange goldfish, which they put in a fishbowl.

Acrylic paintings.
Goldfish in a bowl

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