Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Caravans V6

 Gretchen's lesson

8 and 9 year olds
The children made an observational drawing as a warm up for the day. I asked the children to put their pencil into their non drawing hand and to draw the same subject again. We had a discussion as to the purpose and result of this exercise. 
They offered ideas such as;
  • in case we break an arm, we can use the other hand.
  • to free up our drawings.
  • so we don't get too focussed on getting it perfect.
A few children preferred their non drawing hand drawing.

I showed the children the art of three New Zealand artists. The common subject being caravans which seem to be making a come back in NZ.

Tony Ogle, Rachel Olsen and Barry Ross Smith.

We discussed the layouts, horizon position, shadows and caravan shapes.

I gave the children chalk to sketch out their layouts on pastel coloured pastel paper.
The chalk will disappear under the oil pastels later, so they could make errors without worrying.

 They added oil pastel colour. They addressed blending and made decisions about outlining all, parts or non of their images.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Under the Sea K2

Carrie's Lesson

I had a wonderful day with the new entrant class today. We had an underwater theme and the children used their colour mixing skills to create an underwater background with blues and greens. We talked about things we might find in the ocean and the children were asked to draw at least two of these, to cut out and stick onto the background. We had everything from fish, turtles and starfish through to mermaids!

We also created art for the school fundraising calendars. This is a project Gretchen has done with some of the classes, using scrapbook paper as a background to the fish bowls. Their fish had a lot of personality!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Ant homes M13

Gretchen's lesson

7 and 8 year olds
Calendar art

Observational drawing was followed by sketches of ants using photos for reference.

I showed the children a trailer to "A bugs life". I was surprised that only half the group had seen it. The main bug is an ant.

I also showed them a You Tube of a song "The ants go marching."

The children were armed with ink and kebab sticks.

After a discussion about ants and their homes, the children drew ground level near the top of their page and filled it with grass and flowers and bugs and butterflies.

They drew underground ant homes from a cross section viewpoint. They became more creative after a sharing session about what they intended to include in their ant homes.

Some children used black pens when they found the ink and sticks a little tricky with the fine details. The colour was added with coloured pencil.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Calendar Art R8

Gretchen's Lesson
6 and 7 year olds

The children have worked quite steadily all day to complete two pieces of work, which will both be offered to their parents as calendar art.

They made vases of flowers, explained in an earlier post.vases-k7.

I refined the lesson a previous class had tried. After the children made an observational drawing of a dragonfly or a honey bee, they drew a garden containing flowers, insects etc. They outlined the drawings with black crayon, leaving a white border. Then the background was coloured. I put the children's paper on a wad of newspaper which allowed the wax crayon to adhere to the page very well.

The children had a choice of covering the whole page with watery water colour paint, or just specific areas.

Playing Topple Tree after the hard work.


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