Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Mini weaving M12

Gretchen's lesson

7 year olds.

Weaving day.
I talked about different types of fabric, woven, knitted and felted. I had examples of some woven fabric which I unravelled to show how it was constructed. 
We tried to identify the woven fabrics the children were wearing. That was difficult as polar fleece for example is knitted but you can't see the stitches, some woven waterproof fabrics look completely smooth etc.

 After our observational drawing exercise, the children wove paper strips into black paper which I had put partial cuts in. This was a time saver as our afternoon was shorter today.

I gave the children cardboard with little cuts along the to and bottom. They wrapped wool around the cuts to create the warps.
The cut off a length of wool, about 2 metres and wrapped this around a piece of narrow card that we used as a spindle. They wove their wool though in the same under and over way they had made their paper mats. 

Only a few children completed their work, so we will carry on with this work next "art day." I will teach them how to add embellishments like pom poms and tassels (which a few attempted today)

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