Monday, 27 June 2016

Drainpipes M10

Gretchen's Lesson
7 and 8 year olds

After an observational drawing warm up, I showed the children pictures of drainpipes, factory pipes, and scaffolding.

I asked the children to tape two pencils together so they could draw parallel lines on their page to represent pipes. They put their first pipe across their page, trying to make right angle turns. Subsequent pipes had to go under existing pipes. Challenging for some, but the results were impressive. 

On a larger piece of paper, after drawing a few pipes, they drew fatter pipes by taping a block between their pencils.

The children used cold or hot colours, analogous or complimentary colours on their pipes with water colour paint. They went over their pipes with a black marker after it had dried. We also had a try at adding charcoal shadows.


  1. What a fantastic project! Such a neat idea to teach overlapping shapes.

    1. Thanks Mary. I like the colour combinations the kids chose.



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