Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Reuben Paterson V1

9 and 10 year olds
I showed the class some paintings of Reuben Paterson, a, NZ contemporary artist. He is known for his modern take on traditional Maori koru art. He often adds glitter and diamond dust to his paintings.

An example of Reuben Paterson's art

After our warmup drawings, the children discussed Reuben's art. They talked about how they thought it was made. They made some astute observations, breaking down the components that made a piece of work.
Observational drawing
 I asked the children to create their own koru design, one that represents members of their families and relationships between one another.

 They cut their designs out of black paper to begin with. They chose coloured paper to cut the design out of again. Some chose to do this a third time. Some chose to add glitter.

They decided wether to rotate, slide, flip or mirror the designs, before gluing down.

Adding glitter

Some designs were detailed and difficult to secure.

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