Thursday, 5 May 2016

Papa please get the moon for me. K7

5 Year olds. 
There were a few new children in the class I hadn't met before, so very young children. 
The class inquiry is 'Day / Night'.
Eric Carl's story "Papa please get the moon for me" is a perfect fit. 

I took this lesson last year. papa-please-get-moon-for-me. I included many different medium and skills to create the art. I find it is important to let the children experience a variety of tools and skills early on. They build on their experience when we use them another day. 
The striking results were an added bonus. 

I asked the children to stand on the table and pretend to climb the curtain. I took their photos which they cut out and stuck on their little lolly stick ladder.

Story and fruit break at 10am. Togged up and ready for painting the sky.

Mixing colours to paint the night sky, when the moon is big.

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