Thursday, 26 May 2016

Koru Exploration K5

 Gretchen's Lesson.

5 and 6 year olds
The children knew a little about this iconic Maori symbol. I led a discussion to enhance their understanding of a koru's significance.

After filling a page with koru's of different sizes and shapes, the children drew one on card and cut it out. This was their stencil. They used this to create a repeating pattern of koru, similar to a kawhaiwhai panel seen in a Marae.

I read the children the story called "Taniwha" by Robyn
Kahukiwa. We discussed what a taniwha was and could look like.
The illustrations in Robyn's book were very helpful.
The children drew their own taniwha, focussing on adding koru as part of their drawing.

I gave the children a square and asked them to draw a koru, which they could decorate and colour as they wished...not necessarily the traditional red, black white which they used in their kawhaiwhai panels.

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