Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Aotearoa Calendar Stone V6

Carrie's lesson

I tried this project for the first time with V2 and have made a few small changes.
We looked at the Aztecs and in particular the calendar or sun stone. To make their own calendar stone, they brainstormed what things should appear in the design, such as seasons, months, events, NZ icons etc. The children started by drawing the circles with a compass, then adding twelve lines to divide the stone equally. Each section was then coloured brightly with oil pastel. When the black acrylic was painted on, I asked them to leave a small gap between sections.
The next stage was to plan their designs in pencil, allowing the paint time to dry.

The children loved scratching their designs into the paint and achieved some great results. It was a long (at times complicated) process they worked through but they showed patience and determination.
Well done V6


  1. Love the calendar idea. This color, paint and scratch lesson was one of the only art activities I ever got in elementary school. It was very memorable. Jan

    1. The children loved it, especially the scratching part! Thanks for your comment



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